Reflections – The Yogic Journey of Life – second edition – By Tao Porchon-Lynch (only for sale on Amazon)


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The Yogic Journey of Life, second edition Extraordinary leaders and teachers change the way we perceive the world. The very best lead us by their example. Tao Porchon-Lynch, Master Yoga teacher, in her 96th year, synthesizes the most positive aspects of Indian, European and American thought. The daughter of an Indian mother and a French father, who spent the first twenty years of her life in India, Tao is uniquely equipped to spread Yogic insights, originating in India, to Westerners seeking enlightenment. Tao has trained and certified hundreds of yoga instructors, since founding the Westchester Institute of Yoga in 1982. Tao has over 73 years of yoga practice and more than 39 years of teaching yoga to students in India, France and the U.S. Having studied with Indra Devi in Pondicherry and BKS Iyengar in Pune and Mumbai, Tao learned how to tap into the incredible power all individuals possess but only few can access. In addition, Tao was an actress in England, France and the USA (under contract to MGM) in the 1940’s and 50’s, wrote screenplays and made documentaries in the 60’s and 70’s. Tao is a living advertisement for how to tap into our human potential. She is unique in her ability to overcome the effects of aging to control her body and mind in harmony with Yoga’s principles. Tao’s philosophy is “There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.” Her yoga principles and practices will be appreciated by current and future generations. Her current passion, in addition to yoga, is ballroom dancing and she is an award winning world-class dancer. At a youthful 96, Tao brings a delightful, childlike love of life and nature to all that she does. This wonderful book includes several guided meditations, and when paired with the available music CD*, Tao’s lessons and words of wisdom come to life. Buy the accompanying music CD* featuring Valerie Romanoff’s music underscoring Tao’s spoken words: *please note there is an additional cost for the music CD. It is not included in the price of the book.


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